Lydia Mondavi Blends Cosmetics and Cabernets With Her 29 Cosmetics Line

IBS Mondavi 6
You never know what products you'll discover at a trade show - even when that trade show is about construction and building.

I just got back from attending the International Builders Show in Las Vegas and while I was in search of flooring products for clients I came across a couple who not only were experts in flooring, they also understand natural personal beauty as well.

Authentic Reclaimed Pine Floors was launching the Reserve Barrel Collection- a new flooring line made from decommissioned wine casks that is part of the new Mondavi Home Collection. While speaking to Rob and Lydia Mondavi about their new lines, Rob also shared that his beautiful wife also had a beauty line - 29 Cosmetics - that is made from grape extracts that are a by-product of the wine making process.

The name for 29 Cosmetics comes from Highway 29 - the road that runs through the beautiful Napa Valley region.The products are offered through Neiman Marcus, and the company is getting ready to announce a special sales event in over 750 stores nationwide.

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