A Healthy Start to 2013

Fiesta Salad 33With just a few more hours until 2013, we wanted to get an early start on some healthy recipes for the New Year.

We love using as many local foods as possible in our cooking, but winter limits what we can find.

Our New Beginnings Fiesta Salad uses Rotel - a great spicy tomato and chili mix that is low on calories but adds lots of flavor. When we make this in the summer we'll use fresh tomatoes, peas, and chilis but this is the perfect way to pay homage to the southern tradition of having black eye peas on New Years for luck.

You can find the recipe on our Lifestylist® recipe page. Happy New Year!

The Lifestylist® Celebrates Inner Beauty

I'm sure that you have all heard the saying "Beauty is as Beauty Does" - the past few weeks have been a great example of that.

We have been on the road doing everything from finding treasures and supporting The Ronald McDonald House in Rochester, NY, being on the committee and working at the Shared Housing Annual Fundraiser, and participating in the great State Fair of Texas. We've picked apples at Whittier Farm - a local farmer in Rochester, NY that had 95% of their apple crop destroyed, seen the absolute joy in a child's face when they got a new backpack for school from the Dallas Stars and Shared Housing, and also seen the ugly side of people who were sore losers at the State Fair of Texas cooking competitions. We were also able to experience "Compassion in Action" when we participated in the Animal Rescue Corps training.

It's so heartwarming to be able to see in action and remember how kind most people are, and how that light truly shines from within. It's not about being runway skinny, or having the most expensive cars or clothes that makes someone beautiful, it's about caring more about others than yourself.

The holidays are around the corner, and this year there are so many people and groups that need help I hardly know where to begin. We will be sharing groups that we personally know and believe in on our LifestylistList - I hope that you will help your inner beauty shine this year and help someone experience their inner beauty as well.


Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Gives Back

I've always been a big fan of Lush Cosmetics and the amazing products the manufacture and sell. What you may not know about this wonderful company is how committed they are to giving back to the local and national communities. Their employees are always volunteering with various non-profits - especially animal organizations, and they have designed different products where a large portion of the profits will go to a specific group.

Their new Charity Pots are a great example. They are donating 100% of the price (not just the profit) to small, grassroots organizations that need some help. Since 2007 they have donated over $2,900,00 to over 200 charities in 30 countries.

Stop by your local Lush store or go online and see how you can have you beauty dollars do more than just help you look good.


What The Heck is a Lifestylist® ?




One of the questions I always get asked is exactly what is a Lifestylist®, and what is unique about the Lifestylist® Lifestyle. The second most asked question is what makes me a Trailer Diva!

The Lifestylist philosophy is about "Life Celebrating Style". Our clients life and style is what dictates how a Lifestylist® works with you. My favorite example is I had a client in Phoenix, Arizona that was a major Phoenix Suns fan, and their team colors are orange and purple. The client wanted their entire home done in these colors. What they wanted is what they got, complete with a child’s room with a hardwood floor striped like a basketball court. They wanted to stylishly celebrate their interests and love of their home team and we did!

I just spoke to a friend who’s dog just dug up their entire garden and her daughter slammed the door on the neighbor’s hand - all in about 30 minutes time. Her needs and lifestyle are completely different from my son - no kids, no dogs, and lives in front of his computer. What my style is wouldn’t work well for either of them which is why I need to understand the client and what their “hot buttons” are. It’s takes extra time and sleuthing to achieve this - many times the client has trouble putting into words exactly what they are looking for but they know it when they see it. I take the responsibility very seriously - a person’s environment can truly change their lives in a positive or negative way. If someone is happy in their home their quality of life improves.

Next to being a mother, becoming a Lifestylist® is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. I’m looking forward to expanding the concept and what it offers in the years to come. - we will be launching a new food line this Spring!

Check Out The Lifestylist® Beauty Boards on Pinterest

Have you discovered Pinterest yet? It's one of our favorite new social resources, and we've been busy pinning great new beauty tips and inspirations to our Lifestylist® Beauty board.

Joining Pinterest is by invitation only, but if you need an invitation we'd be happy to send one your way. Just email us at: answers@lifestylist.com and we'll help you see why this is such a great beauty resource.

Out With The Old...

Sometimes being a frugal Lifestylist® can get you into trouble. Cosmetics and beauty products are so expensive, I just hate to throw them away if there is even a little bit left. Today I decided to break that cycle and let go of some items I've held on to for waaaay too long.

I read somewhere recently that you should throw your toothbrush out after you have been sick, and that really makes sense. Past their prime moisturizers and skin products can cause a lot more damage than good. I've heard that 6 months should be the longest something is kept, but I would check with the manufacturer to get their recommendations.

When I went to replace the items I finally let go of I decided to go back to my frugal ways and try some products that are modestly priced but have been getting great reviews. I'll let you know what I think and hopefully we can all save some money this year!

Beauty and Style Resolutions for 2012

Happy 2012 from the Lifestylist family! January 1 is always a day I look forward to - it's like every year we have that wonderful opportunity to start fresh and make this a better year than the last.

There are some moments in 2011 I wouldn't trade for anything (especially the birth of my beautiful new grandson) but there are other areas that I hope to do a better job on this year.

iVillage has a great list of Beauty and Style resolutions I thought I would share - I can't think of a better place to start working on a great, healthy 2012. Take a look and let me know which is your favorite.