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A Lifestylist's Resolutions for 2009

One of my favorite things about starting a New Year is being able to leave this year behind and look forward with optimism and a renewed set of goals. True, this shouldn’t be something that happens just once a year, but it’s a great time to really focus on what you want your new year to hold.

Below is a recap on what I think 2009 will hold - I’ll go into more detail as the year progresses, and change these as the world changes I’m sure in ways we could have never expected. Happy 2009 from your favorite Lifestylist® !

Your Life - Your Style
Make this the year that you break out of the stereotypes about how you should live and dress and do it your way. Paint your walls purple, embrace that favorite sweater - if it makes you happy and enables you to feel better about yourself, go for it!

Save a Life
One of the best things I ever did was start rescuing animals. We now have quite a menagerie, but they bring so much joy and happiness into my life, I can’t imagine what my life would be without th…

Buying Local

The most important part of being a Lifestylist is listening. There is always a trend evolving just around the corner from us - we just have to be open to seeing, hearing, and embracing what's out there.

There is starting to be a lot of talk about "buying local" and this is one of the most promising trends I've seen and heard about in years. Finally people are understand that going "semi-homemade" by using over processed, expensive ingredients that might even be from a foreign country may not be the best thing for our health. Not only that but this concept in the long run tends to be more expensive and lacks the taste and nutrition that can be gained by eating locally grown or cooked produce, baked goods, cheeses.... any thing we put into our mouths.

Almost every town has a Farmers Market, and this is a great place to buy right from the farm. The freshness is amazing, the costs are usually more reasonable and you are helping to stimulate the local economy and …

Falling for your Homes

It's hard to believe that Fall is around the corner when the temperature is still in the 90's, but Fall is a great time to sell houses so it can't get here soon enough! School has started, and there are lots of holidays coming our way that focus on the home.

Now's the perfect time to walk-thru your homes and make sure that everything is in it's place, and if things are missing or damaged replace them. When people are looking for a new home they often times are moving because the home that they are in is showing it's age and may be looking a bit worn. A model home with dirty carpets, burned out light bulbs and overgrown or dead landscaping is not going to help convince them that your home is the house of their dreams.

Warm colors can really warm up how cozy your model home feels. This can be accomplished by just changing out pillows on your sofas, and it's amazing how a small change like this can change the way your home feels. Adding seasonal accessories to y…

Re-Defining Country Curtains

Sometimes it really pays off to keep an open mind. I had the manager of the Rochester Country Curtains call me about the Ronald McDonald Homearama House I’m doing with @Home Builders, and express an interest in being included in the home. The name scared me because the home is anything but country, but I told them to send me a catalog and I’d take a look.

What a pleasant surprise! The colors were right on trend, the styling was beautiful and the prices were great. They have been an absolute delight to deal with as well, and I’m looking forward to seeing everything installed.

Taking Advantage of the Competition

Let's face it - with all of the media coverage about the "housing slump" consumers are expecting more and willing to pay less for the home of their dreams. We are having to really evaluate the return on every dollar that we spend and what the return can be on that investment.

As someone that makes their living merchandising model homes nothing hurts me more than to visit a builders community and see homes that aren't living up to their potential. I was in Las Vegas for a speaking engagement last week and went out to look at what was new and exciting in the Vegas market and I had a huge surprise. The most exciting, innovative, and memorable communities were multi-family and the most disappointing were communities that were built by national builders and had at least 8 models (and some a lot more than that) in each area. I'm going to write at length about the multi-family communities at length later, but until then if you are anywhere near the Las Vegas area be sure…