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Falling for your Homes

It's hard to believe that Fall is around the corner when the temperature is still in the 90's, but Fall is a great time to sell houses so it can't get here soon enough! School has started, and there are lots of holidays coming our way that focus on the home.

Now's the perfect time to walk-thru your homes and make sure that everything is in it's place, and if things are missing or damaged replace them. When people are looking for a new home they often times are moving because the home that they are in is showing it's age and may be looking a bit worn. A model home with dirty carpets, burned out light bulbs and overgrown or dead landscaping is not going to help convince them that your home is the house of their dreams.

Warm colors can really warm up how cozy your model home feels. This can be accomplished by just changing out pillows on your sofas, and it's amazing how a small change like this can change the way your home feels. Adding seasonal accessories to y…