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The Lifestylist® Celebrates Inner Beauty

I'm sure that you have all heard the saying "Beauty is as Beauty Does" - the past few weeks have been a great example of that.

We have been on the road doing everything from finding treasures and supporting The Ronald McDonald House in Rochester, NY, being on the committee and working at the Shared Housing Annual Fundraiser, and participating in the great State Fair of Texas. We've picked apples at Whittier Farm - a local farmer in Rochester, NY that had 95% of their apple crop destroyed, seen the absolute joy in a child's face when they got a new backpack for school from the Dallas Stars and Shared Housing, and also seen the ugly side of people who were sore losers at the State Fair of Texas cooking competitions. We were also able to experience "Compassion in Action" when we participated in the Animal Rescue Corps training.

It's so heartwarming to be able to see in action and remember how kind most people are, and how that light truly shines from wit…