You Have Been Spotted!

These days I put a lot more thought behind where I spend my very hard earned dollars. I'm so tired of shopping at places where they make you feel like you should be thanking them for letting you spend your money there, or better yet they don't acknowledge you at all. As a Lifestylist® ,my mantra is Your Life. Your Style Your Way. It should be about you, the consumer not me. Today I had a wonderful experience at a store, and I wanted to share some of what they are doing and why I'll be going back because of that experience.

Attitude starts at the top, and when I went to the Summer Soiree today at the Dallas 7 For All Mankind, I could tell they had great management. From the manager (who was an absolute delight) to the sales team, they seemed excited to be there and to have me visit their store. I love the fact that they had a sign back by the dressing rooms that stated "Collaboration - No one becomes the best alone" - so true! Because it was a special event, they had music, libations, and a photographer, and when someone got their picture taken they were handed a card that said "You Have Been Spotted!"

Photos taken by Lisa Stewart Photography of the event were being immediately downloaded and added to an album on the 7 For All Mankind Facebook page. You were then invited to tag the photo of you so you could share it with your friends. They also had fantastic goodie bags that included fun summer products that had a retail value of more than what the minimum was you needed to spend to receive one. I saw very few people leaving the store without one.

They also let me know that by "liking" their Facebook page or following them on Twitter you get access to lots of special events and savings. As I customer I love getting rewarded for my loyalty, and it keeps me going back to the stores that appreciate that loyalty.

Oh - and did I mention how amazing their jeans are? They truly are the best fitting jeans in the world!

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